Registration for the event

Dear friends!

Access to the territory of the Baltic Rally Festival is possible only if visitors comply with the mandatory measures: the presence of documents confirming the completion of the full course of vaccination against COVID-19, or a certificate of the previous COVID-19 disease within the last six months, or a negative PCR test result no later than, than 72 hours before the event, as well as an identity document (passport). Directly at the Festival, guests can be tested for the presence of coronavirus infection through an express test.

We value your time!

Register for the Festival in advance and skip the line!

Please fill in the form:

1) Attach your driver's license if you are on a motorcycle.

2) Attach one of the documents:

  • COVID-19 vaccination QR code file
  • COVID-19 vaccination certificate
  • Confirmation of postponed COVID-19
  • Negative PCR test for COVID-19

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