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The T13 application has become an information application for the Vladivostok-Vyborg motocross

Top tools from the T13 team, why you need to download the application today:

1. You will be able to track where the best biker parties in your area gather on the map.
2. Find out where your biker friends ride.
3. Find new acquaintances with a common hobby.
4. Track events in a single calendar throughout Russia.
5. Create your own events and invite everyone interested. It's simple - put a dot on the map where you are going, so that your friends are already there and in case someone is lost, everyone knows where they can meet!
6. You will have the opportunity to press the SOS button to call for help from those who are nearby and ready to help.

And the most interesting thing is that you can track the motocross from Vladivostok to Vyborg online and possibly join it. Yes, yes, it can be done directly from your region!

Plan your trip through the "route" function to see all the events along your route and not miss anything interesting! You can download the application from the link:

Apple -команда-т13/id6446321399
Google Play -
RuStore -