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Dear friends! We begin to talk about the sights in the cities of the Baltic Rally summer motocross. Today is the first - Vladivostok!

Our TOP is:

1. The main attraction is the GOLDEN BRIDGE. It is one of the ten largest cable-stayed bridges in the world: the length of the bridge is 1388 meters, and the of the pylons is 226 meters. You can drive along the bridge and admire the picturesque views of the capital of the Primorsky Territory.

2. Vladivostok Funicular - a distant relative of the famous San Francisco cable cars. It is located on the slope of Orlinaya Sopka, so you will have a stunning view of the Golden Horn Bay. 183 meters on the way, 1.5 minutes of travel, but such a bright pleasure and an unusual experience!

3. DISTRICT "MILLIONKA" - a cult district of Vladivostok, which arose as a Chinatown on the shores of the Amur Bay and retained its historical appearance. Tours are led here, myths and legends of this amazing corner of Vladivostok are told.

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