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The first International Biker Film Festival was held in Gatchina

Last spring weekend, April 29 and 30, Gatchina hosted an unusual opening of the motorcycle season with a four-hour outdoor concert, an exciting motorcycle race and a two-day motorcycle film festival. The place was not chosen by chance - it was in Gatchina that one of the first motorcycle races in Russia took place.

The festival was organized by the Gatchina branch of one of the largest and most enterprising motorcycle clubs in the former USSR - THE HOOLIGANS MC, which has been successfully operating for 18 years.

The participants sent more than a hundred professional and amateur films to the festival, one way or another related to motorcycles, and the film review united residents of Russia, Belarus, Germany, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Estonia and other countries.

The jury that evaluated the works included such famous and interesting people as: actor and musician Alexander Ustyugov, leader of the Pilot group Ilya "Damn" Knabenhof, soloist of the Semantic Hallucinations group Sergei Bobunets, director Kirill Kapitsa and other representatives of the St. environment.

The organizers proudly announced the winners in four categories: “Motor Club Films”, “Professional Cinema”, “Moto Travel Videos” and, of course, “For Humor”.

About the ideology of the “THE HOOLIGANS MC” club itself, its president Evgeny Putilin says this: “We live as we see fit. Honor and dignity are not national attributes.”

Next year, the organizers plan to increase both the scale of the festival, inviting dozens of other motorcycle clubs and others who wish, and the geography of participants, divided geographically, but united by a common passion - motorcycles.

Results of the first motorcycle film festival:

Nomination "Films from motorcycle clubs":

1st place - OST MC - "Motor Ride "Peace and Memory".

2nd place - Nord Division MC - "NDMCRUN. Autograph on the map of Russia.

3rd place - Syndicate MC - "Make Memories".

Nomination "Professional cinema":

1st place - Oleg Kapkaev - "Pamir without a highway."

2nd place - Anastasia Dyakova and the group "Cosmonautics Day" - video for the song "Petersburg. The Great City or the Adventures of the Chinese in Russia.

3rd place - Lyokha Veter - “Unnoticed. Life after"

Nomination "Video about motorcycle trips":

1st place - Channel Orange Wolf - "Northern Caucasus with OFRP | Ingushetia on Turenduro.

2nd place - Burmeisters Alexander - "On the breadcrumbs to Karelia."

3rd place - Baltic Rally Team - "Cheburashka goes to Tobolsk".

Special nomination "For humor": Steel Meridian MC - "On motorcycles to Voronezh".



President - Anton Surfer Yulov
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Director - Vyacheslav Dok Shimkun
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Coordinator and Press Secretary - Nikolay Phantom Malinin
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Watch video "Cheburashka goes to Tobolsk"