Tent Village

The tent city from our partner Camp4rest is a full-fledged camping where everything is ready for your arrival!
The tents have already been set up. There you can find foams and sleeping bags, a restroom area and also the opportunity to take a shower and visit the sauna. The territory is fenced and guarded.
You just choose a tent ⛺ you like and check in!
The tent city is located on the picturesque embankment near the Druzhba hotel.

The cost of a tent ⛺ for the entire time of the Rally:
● for 1 person — 1800 rubles.
● for 2 people-2500 rubles.
● for 3 people — 3500 rubles.
● for 4 people — 4400 rubles.
This price includes a fully prepared tent, foam and sleeping bags according to the number of guests. Additional foams and sleeping bags can be ordered.

● Lux class tent — 11000 rubles (for the tent itself, the conditions inside is discussed individually with
each customer).

● Service fee-1000 rubles for a person for all days.
A shower in the gym of the Druzhba Hotel is available from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm and costs 100 rubles.
A shower, a sauna and a gym without a time limit cost 300 rubles.

Booking: 7 (921) 992-36-34